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Lengthy three decades, pronto. Years went silent, Jiang Shanxi changes!
Bathed in sun and rain party, thanks to the tide of reform and opening up, HOSEKING company gone through a full course of three decades. Three decades, HOSEKING do small cotton mill from a failing society born out of a fire hose, step by step into the domestic industry's leading enterprises, and develop into Jiangsu Province star enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, the contract and trustworthy enterprises. In the same industry, its production capacity of the largest, most complete varieties and specifications, exports the most, known as the "Chinese Water Dragon King"!
Thinking back, filled with emotion! Recalling the three decades changes, how can we forget the leadership at all levels of care and support for HOSEKING career? How can we forget the hard work of the staff? In the company's 30th anniversary, we once again would like to thank the leadership at all levels and all the friends, forever cherish the memory of their loving care and support, heartfelt thanks to all the staff together old and new struggle, and into persistent efforts, glory great power! Cause of the fire and make new contributions to mankind!

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