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        Started by two pieces of stone set --JIANGSU HOSEKING national medium-sized companies, Ministry of Public Security designated production enterprise specializing in fire hose, received a production capacity of counterparts in the country, full of different specifications, exports three first, known as "Chinese water dragon."
        Hirayama chemical fiber textile mill - Factory Haimen County flat landscape - Haimen County Fire Water Factory - Haimen Fire Hose Factory --JIANGSU HOSEKING Corporation, change the make, that is the locus of business development.
        1974, unarmed, penniless Jiang Ruixiang travel extensively, run from Hirayama fiber textile, cotton farmers working their own use. 1978 Winter Sun genius under the guidance of retired chef, run from the flat landscape Factory, began producing plastic hose, and spray irrigation machine supporting, for drainage and drought. 1982 saw the director Jiang water with sample length latex produced in Japan, identified only mess such products, water dragon take off. So look for information, building equipment, looking for talent, go out to ask for help, through hundreds of tests, and finally a successful trial in the first half of 1983 new products with international advanced level.

        December 27, 1982 to 28, Jiang director to Beijing to attend a meeting of the Ministry of Public Security Qiju "There linings and coatings water symposium trial work with." Shanghai, Guangzhou, Haimen five manufacturers accepted the trial tasks. June 10, 1983 to 12, the Ministry of Public seven innings in Shanghai held a second "fire hose replacement forum", a total of five out of seven samples manufacturers, which accounted for three of our plant. After testing, the samples were all qualified, highly praised by participants, Haimen plant "a hit."
        1983 date October 18, lined (rubber, latex) hose passed the provincial technical appraisal, opened fire hose replacement of the prelude. 1984 water lined with production less than three meters, 1985 amounted to four hundred thousand meters, in 1986 reached 70 million meters, the output value of the first break ten million yuan, the country started a water dragon.

        Market - corporate life. "Chinese people can not earn money the Chinese people, but also to earn foreign money", which is Chiang director mantra. He proposed the "introduction - export - re-introduction - re-export" of ideas; proposed "out of the Divine, fly global" goal. 1984, introduced two of the world's most advanced knitting machine, becoming the first company to introduce foreign Nantong devices township enterprises. Since then, the "Ni Tuizi" picked up "Ocean Machine", a chicken coop flying out of Phoenix. April 1986, thirty thousand meters of water with a maiden flight in Southeast Asia, to achieve our fire hose outlet breakthrough. Since then, the country Bling water belt drive, stepped on clouds, began out of China, the global off. From 1986 onwards, with the export of water year after year. 1992 began to export, in 1994 for the first time more than one million U.S. dollars. Now, the country has been the best-selling brand of water with the United States, Britain, Japan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Domestic market, Jiangshan water dragon champion. From Heilongjiang to Hainan, from Shanghai to Xinjiang, more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide have more than 400 customers, and in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Haikou, Chengdu, Nanning, set up a sales subsidiary.

        Accelerating technological input, and constantly develop new products, which is the source of enterprise seek survival and development. 1987, again from Norway introduced a four knitting machine; 1993 from Germany introduced a polyurethane hose production line; 1995 and from Norway introduced two knitting machine; 1996 from Italy to introduce a PVC fire water pipe production line. Advanced equipment for the development of new products to lay a solid foundation. Every year, new products come out. Now, the country has 55 brand products, including spray hose, 40 high-pressure fire hose, fire rescue disk tube to fill the gap.

        Development is of overriding importance. In the rain to grow, move forward in the merger, the growth in development, is the company's characteristics. During 1984 new product trial identification, ultra-leftist line into my factory. Under the direct care of the county government, businesses saved, the new product was born. 1985, the township government blind investment, almost Factory down with water. Under the leadership of the county is mainly concerned with the county, water Factory back to life. 1991 out of the trough, has merged the speaker factory, weaving factory, fishing, established the thread factory, hose plant, fire companies. 1992 and 1994, respectively, and Singapore, the United States joint venture, run from the Nantong Jiangshan Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. and Nantong Jiang Tian Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., has made the right to export. 1993 and 1995 and in the United States and Germany run from the two companies, laid the foundation for the establishment of multinational corporations. 1994 to Haimen fire hose plant as the core, the formation of the city's first provincial-level enterprise group --JIANGSU HOSEKING Group. 1995 output value exceeded one billion respectively. Jiangshan card hose was named the provincial brand, the company was named Jiangsu Province, "the contract and trustworthy" enterprise. The company has imported CI image design. Ongoing ISO9002 quality certification. June 8, 1996, the company held the founding meeting of the joint-stock enterprises, truly embarked on a "self-management, self-financing, self-development, self-restraint" on the road. Country people are "civilized unity, hard work, innovation and excellence, striving for excellence," the entrepreneurial spirit, confidence to start the second venture, the global sales of ten million goal!
        Country yesterday, is hard; country today is fiery; country tomorrow, must be bright!

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