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Hoseking gradually start
    December 27, 1982 to 28, Jiang director to Beijing to attend a meeting of the Ministry of Public Security Qiju "There linings and coatings water symposium trial work with." Shanghai, Guangzhou, Haimen five manufacturers accepted the trial tasks. June 10, 1983 to 12, the Ministry of Public seven innings in Shanghai held a second "fire hose replacement forum", a total of five out of seven samples manufacturers, which accounted for three of our plant. After testing, the samples were all qualified, highly praised by participants, Haimen plant "a hit." 
    1983 date October 18, lined (rubber, latex) hose passed the provincial technical appraisal, opened fire hose replacement of the prelude. 1984 water lined with production less than three meters, 1985 amounted to four hundred thousand meters, in 1986 reached 70 million meters, the output value of the first break ten million yuan, the country started a water dragon.


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