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Hoseking difficult started
    Medium-sized enterprises from the two countries started stone - Jiangsu Hoseking collection company, is the Ministry of Public Security designated production enterprise specialized fire hose, received a production capacity of counterparts in the country, full of different specifications, exports three first, is hailed for "Chinese water dragon."
     Hirayama chemical fiber textile mill - Factory Haimen County flat landscape - Haimen County Fire Water Factory - Haimen Fire Hose Factory - Jiangsu Hoseking Corporation, change the make, that is the locus of business development.
     1974, unarmed, penniless Jiang Ruixiang travel extensively, run from Hirayama fiber textile, cotton farmers working their own use. 1978 Winter Sun genius under the guidance of retired chef, run from the flat landscape Factory, began producing plastic hose, and spray irrigation machine supporting, for drainage and drought. 1982 saw the director Jiang water with sample length latex produced in Japan, identified only mess such products, water dragon take off. So look for information, building equipment, looking for talent, go out to ask for help, through hundreds of tests, and finally a successful trial in the first half of 1983 new products with international advanced level.


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